Lebanese Dishes are Naturally Vegan

Vegan Diet

Lebanese Dishes are Naturally Vegan

Anyone with dietary restrictions knows what a hassle it can be to find something you can eat on a restaurant menu. If you’re vegan, vegetarian or gluten free, you probably have memories of sitting there eating the most boring dish on the menu while the rest of your friends enjoyed a mouth-watering dinner. Thankfully, Sidon Lebanese Grille and Bakery has plenty of meal options for everyone. We have tasty, exciting Lebanese food options for vegans, vegetarians and people who follow a gluten free diet on our menu. We’ve gone through our menu with our customers’ unique needs in mind, and came up with some great choices specially selected for people with dietary restrictions.

Many Lebanese Dishes are Naturally Vegan

At Sidon Lebanese Grille and Bakery, we kept our vegan customers in mind when designing our menu. Vegans will be delighted to know that many traditional Lebanese foods are naturally vegan. The recipes don’t need to be altered to substitute animal ingredients, and vegans can enjoy our delicious Lebanese food the same way it’s been served for countless generations.

Falafel is a tempting choice for vegans at any Lebanese restaurant. This delectable dish is prepared with a blend of chickpeas, fava beans, vegetables and spices. At Sidon Lebanese Grille and Bakery, we serve Falafel many different ways. We offer it as an appetizer to start your vegan meal off right, and we also offer a vegan Falafel Pita Sandwich served with tahini, tomatoes, pickles, parsley, and pickled turnips.

Vegans will also enjoy our delicious Hommus entrees. We serve a lovely Hommus appetizer prepared with chickpeas, lemon, tahini, olive oil and spices. If it suits your taste, you’ll be able to dip vegetables into our Hommus appetizer, and you can even pair this tasty dip with some Veggie Grape Leaves to make a satisfying meal.

We Offer Many Delicious Vegetarian Options

At Sidon Lebanese Grille and Bakery, we serve plenty of tasty dishes for vegetarians as well. Vegetarians can enjoy all of our vegan menu options along with a wide variety of other selections.

If you’re in the mood for pizza with a twist, our chefs are masters of cooking tasty Manakeesh in our stone-fire oven. Manakeesh is a decadent Lebanese-style pizza that can be sliced or folded. Some of our vegetarian Manakeesh selections are Zaatar (thyme and sesame seeds), Kishek (dried yogurt mixed with wheat, tomatoes and onions) and Egg (slow cooked egg with cheese).

If you aren’t in the mood for Manakeesh, there are countless other vegetarian options in traditional Lebanese food. You can savor our classic Veggie Plate, which consists of six Grape Leaves and four Falafel patties served with tahini. Our Spinach and Feta Fatayer, a savory pastry stuffed with spinach and cheese, is also a delicious choice.

Our Menu Contains a Wide Variety Gluten Free Choices

If you’re following a gluten free diet, you’ll be happy to know that a lot of Lebanese food is naturally gluten free. Since many dishes are centered around greens and rice, there’s an excellent selection for our gluten free patrons at Sidon Lebanese Grille and Bakery.

Our Mujadra is prepared with lentils, rice and fried onions. This hearty appetizer will leave you feeling satisfied before your main course even arrives. You can also choose to start with Veggie Grape Leaves or Hommus.

For a satisfying main course, we serve many delicious entrees such as Chicken Shawarma, Beef Shawarma and our classic Lamb Kabob. If all these sound too enticing and you can’t decide, you can try our Sidon’s Mixed Grill, which comes with a side of gluten free garlic sauce and Hommus.

There’s Something for Everyone at Sidon’s Lebanese Grille and Bakery

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or gluten free, there are plenty of excellent menu options for everyone at Sidon’s Lebanese Grille and Bakery. If you have any questions about our ingredients, feel free to call us any time at (419) 558-3900.