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Dining Overseas

Dining Overseas

Whether you’re looking for a traditional Lebanese breakfast or an upscale fine dining experience, the ancient city of Sidon has plenty of wonderful restaurants to keep you satisfied. This Lebanese city has been serving up delicious food for thousands of years, but today, we’re going to focus on Sidon’s food culture in the modern era!

Start the Day with a Tasty Breakfastz

Although the first meal of the day is usually enjoyed at home with family in Lebanon, there are plenty of great restaurants serving up breakfast in Sidon. Many of the people at breakfast restaurants will be fellow tourists, but it’s still a great way to indulge in some amazing Lebanese flavors!

If you’re looking for something sweet, you’ll find many restaurants serving Halawa spread, which is similar to hummus but sweeter. On the other hand, if you’re craving something savory, be on the lookout for some spicy Shakshooka. And if you won’t be making it to Lebanon any time soon, stop by Sidon Lebanese Grille and Bakery for a taste of Shakshooka at home!

Explore the New Food Truck Scene for Lunch

If you’re a fan of street food, you’re in luck—because Sidon is the only city in Lebanon to currently allow food trucks! Over the past few years, several of these trendy hot spots have popped up around the city. And they’re serving up a unique dining experience for locals and tourists alike.

If you’re looking for something creative for lunch, Burger Experiment serves burgers with a spicy Lebanese twist. But if you’re in the mood for something more traditional, check out Doodz Truck. This hot new food truck serves more traditional Lebanese faire such as pita sandwiches and shawarma.

Unwind for the Night with a Relaxing Dinner

If you’re visiting Sidon, you’re most likely to encounter locals during dinner time. There are countless restaurants offering traditional Lebanese dinner options like chicken shawarma, lamb kabobs, falafel, and fried kibbie. You’ll probably encounter groups of families enjoying a meal together at these types of restaurants, while trendier establishments are more likely to be full of tourists.

If you aren’t in the mood for Lebanese food, there are international options around Sidon as well. For example, many tourists are surprised to find that there are sushi restaurants scattered all over the city!

Indulge in a Taste of Lebanon at Home

If you ever have a chance to visit the beautiful city of Sidon, you’ll savor the flavors of Lebanon for the rest of your life. But even if you never make it all the way to Lebanon, you’ll be able to experience all its delicious flavors right at Sidon Lebanese Grille and Bakery! Visit us any time if you’re craving a taste of the Middle East. It might not be as exciting as traveling there yourself, but we promise it’s just as tasty!